View Full Version : Ati Tv Dvd Backup

09-06-2002, 16:09
Hi , using the Voodoo 3500 Tv card, i was abel to backup a dvd movie using the digital vcr, but came out not in best quality , i guess because not the newest tv card out.

But now have ATI 8500 TV Card, i connect my dvd player to the computer with tv card, tryring to back up a dvd and it does not work well. Its protected, anyone would know how to by pass ??


11-06-2002, 02:21
This is because of the macrovision protection.
Just do a search on how to remove macrovision.
As I understand you haven't got a DVD-ROM at your pc, but you have a separate one to watch on the TV.
My opinion is that if you want to back up DVDs you should buy a DVD-ROM and do the whole thing at the pc!
It is a lot more easier and cheaper too. It is cheaper because you do the whole operation (backing up the dvd) whith programms that are free to use, and you won't have to buy any hardware (to bypass the macrovision protection) as you'll probably need if you don't buy a dvd-rom.

11-06-2002, 17:59
hi, I do have a DVD rom , and i know its has that protection on it, my goal is to try to backup just this one feauture of the dvd unto a vhs. I know theres this equipment out there that can do it, but its around $70. I have seen and gotten some of the files to dissable that protection , but dont know how to apply it for this tv card device. Have not found how to on web yet. Wanted to test out the digital vcr that came with it.