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23-05-2002, 01:36
a quickey for all you clever ones out there .
am going by the tuturial from dvd2dvdr.com and its a large film just the film ie from hell ntsc r1 all am after is the film but these bitrate calculators i can not get my head round am using the one as in the tuturial at applet html page it ask for the movie length which is 122mins i change the audio bitrate to 384 change it to 1 dvd of 4.3gb size and it gives me the calculated average bitrate and a dvd max bitrate well on rempeg the scale factor and the limit max bitrate where and how do i put in my calculated bitrate from the calculator .so if anyone using this method could explain it as i must be stupid or if you are on this method and are about to calculate your please get in touch
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