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14-05-2002, 06:57
I just bought a panasonic dmr e20 dvd recorder. Could someone please tell me, what will work with this, that will allow me to record dvd's. does anybody have one, if so, what are you using to record dvd's, and where could I get this at ? Need help thank you !

21-05-2002, 14:36
read the specs thought about it but then visited their site its end of line 1st gen and only does reg 2 discs.
it states dvd-r supported but all info i found stated dvd-ram discs?
i have ordered the-30 model i already have a pioneer a03 firm 1.68.
the 30 model supports dvd-r dvd-rw dvd-ram had this confirmed before placing order though.
also pioneer recommend pioneer dvd-r-rw-ram only to be used wot a coincidence or wot???????????.

try search svp site for dvd's cheers.................gps:confused: :mad: :confused:

custard [uk]
29-05-2002, 14:40
hi m8.
i have panasonic LF-D310 and its great as for soft ware to make dvd-r that work on a standard dvd player its not a straight foward prosess.
go to www.vcdhelp.com and take a look at the aurthoring tutorial . its very easy to follow and has links to all the software u need.
i use dvd decoder or smartripper to burn the dvd to a harddrive
dvd to avi
tmpge 4 coding and demuxing
spruceup for the aurthoring of a dvd-r
and nero 4 burning.
this all sounds very confusing i now but u will get the hang of it.
remember you can only make backups of your own dvd's and must not use them for profit making .