View Full Version : DVD Backup'z etc (using Philips DVD+RW)

15-04-2002, 12:21
Hi folks . .

I'm totally new at this game . . and i would appreciate any help i can get ... so if your reading this and can help ...please don't be a stranger.

I would have called the A-Team . . but i don't have thier number right now...

I've just bought this DVD copier - Philips DVD+RW . . and am looking to copy some DVD's and PS2 games . . but i dunno how . . i'm not the most technical but i kinda catch on quite quick...(i hope !!!)

i have some software:
Nero 5.5
My Sonic
...and a few others.

I would really appreciate a hand here guys . .


28-04-2002, 07:07
hi iam also new to backing up to dvr
but at least ur one step further than me and you actually got a dvdrw drive
i am looking to go for the pioneer a04
right if you go to www.psxcopyworld.com or .co.uk
it tell u how to copy dvd ps2 games and what software you need
but theres still one thing i dont get
if you have a dvdrw drive wil you still need to patch the games
what i am trying to say is if i spend 400 quid on a dvdrw drive i am hoping i can just have the psx dvd in my hp cdrw and a dvd-r disc in the pioneer drive and hit record or a few clicks but i hope i dont have to useall different programs to patch the game
hope someone can help me thnaks
oh and any idea where i can get a good but pionner a04 thanks

06-05-2002, 19:13
the dvd+rw will not work with ps2.

06-05-2002, 19:27
you will need a dvd-r burner or one that can burn dvd-r's.