View Full Version : *.mov????

13-04-2002, 07:37
I've downloaded a few *.mov files. wot can i use to play these files? media player quicktime pro & power dvd don't work (i just get sound no movie). i got plenty of dvd to mpeg converters so can i convert *.mov files to mpeg so i can burn em to vcd?

custard [uk]
13-04-2002, 14:27
what kind of file is it.... u might want to download the latest codec for your media player or look 4 "realplayer" if it ifo file try to convert it to mpeg so your media player will recognise it....

14-04-2002, 04:46
I'll give real a try. Media player downloads a codec but still no picture just sound. Quicktime cannot find a codec.:confused: