View Full Version : Avi File On PS2

29-03-2002, 13:09
is there any possible way i can put an avi on a disc so i could play on my neo4 chipped ps2?the film is blade 2 i have had this for age'z and the past while i have been studying how to create blade 2 to play on the playstation 2.

i have a lite-on 24x burner and plenty blank discs(lol)

"i am 1 of the lucky 1'z with a lite-on"

custard [uk]
29-03-2002, 17:46
i think u will have to turn the avi into mpeg and convert it into an image and then burn it onto a disk..
www.mpegx.com has all the tutorials you will need .. look 4 video tutorials..