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09-02-2002, 15:01

I need help with burning a DVD (movie) to a 4.7 GB DVD-R.

Here's what I've done so far:

I created a folder on my hard drive called video_ts.

I ripped the DVD with SmartRipper - using the Backup Rip-Method, I ripped all the files. The Required Disk Space was 7,948,946 KB. After SmartRipper finished, I looked in the video_ts folder I created, and I had a series of .VOB, .IFO, and .BUP files. The Status bar in the Windows Explorer window is reading 7.58 GB.

I then played the .VOB files using PowerDVD, and figured out which contained the actual movie. I created another folder and named it Removed Items. In it, I placed the uneeded .VOB files. In the video_ts folder, I left the .VOB movie files, the .IFO files, and the .BUP files.

At this point, I was done with the DVD movie disc, so I ejected it.

I created a new folder and named it video_ts2.

I then used SmartRipper to rip the 1st video_ts folder I had created with the .VOB, .IFO, and .BUP files in it. This time I used Movie Rip-Method. I didn't mess with anything in the Titles>Program Chain>Angles Box. I selected all the chapters (33) in the >Chapter Box. I selected both cells (2) in the >Cells Box. Then, on the Stream Processing Tab, I selected -Video, and -Audio, English. I unchecked all the Subtitles and also -Audio, French. I set my target to the video_ts2 folder I created earlier. In the Reuired Disk Space box, it read 6,767,552 KB. So I went ahead and ripped it again.

I checked the video_ts2 folder and it was 6.16 GB. In it, there's a .d2v file, an .idx file, an .ifo file, an .lst file, and a .txt file, along with the .VOB files.

Now, I'm stuck . . .

Did I do everything correctly up to this point?

If I didn't, what did I do wrong?

If I did, what do I do next?

The video_ts2 folder is still too large to fit on a 4.7 GB DVD-R. How do I compress it while still maintaining the quality so when I pop it in my DVD-ROM drive, it will play like a normal DVD movie?

Thanks - hope someone helps me.

11-03-2002, 08:47
I think this page might help you out:

Either you cut some of the movie, or spread it over multiple dvdr's..