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04-02-2002, 10:45
Please help me! I need to fulfill two "different projects" from the same movie: 1) backing it up which would be a straight DVD to DVD-R rip and 2) reducing its size which would give me enough space to fill in another movie onto the same DVD-R:

Let's start:

A friend of mine just gave me a DVD containing TWO DVD movies: Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy. They play awesome well in set top DVD players and into my PS2. Both have been ripped and I understand they've been reencoded so they two can fit onto a single DVD-R. The author even added extras like trailers, the Aki photos stuff, the U2 music video and so on. Everything packed into a single DVD-R (4.7Gb) with menus (dirty, non-cute menus) and sub menus.

I can assume menus where created on the LAST (?) step of the process and probably made with Spruce UP or Scenarist (do you recommend it or any other authoring software?).

Now I'm trying to replicate the same thing:

After reading all kind of tutorials, all I've managed to do is to mix ideas and get confused!!

Most people say they use SmartRipper (hey! it's really smart!!) but others (like in Doom9.org site) do use other tools and manual ifo editting to remove unwanted stuff in several steps. Smartripper apparently uses one step for the same result.

So now I have a DVD movie ripped to my hard drive (Operation Swordfish, PAL region 2). From the whole DVD ripped on my hard drive, I made a test using it as source and streamprocessing it to extract just the video and the audio track I want.

So I've gone from 5'35Gb (only the movie files, original rip) to 3'70Gb (just video and audio track, second rip).

The result of the second rip is an .AC3 file and the same .VOB files of the original rip but with the reduced size (since I removed extra subtitles and audio tracks).

Soooooooooo returning to the original question, let's say I want to do two things:

1) What should I do to master those new .VOB files into a DVD so I can play them on a set top DVD player? I know there's some .IFO editing involved, but HOW? And more important, will a bunch of 800Mb files meet the standard of video_ts format??? If not, what should I do next???

2) I know 3,70 will fit into a single DVDR but I want MORE SPACE! So my idea is to end with something like 1'70Gb (that's a 50% reduction) and hopefully add a second movie to the DVD, like my friend did. How would I achieve this from the point I left it on the second rip (ie. an AC3 file and a bunch of smaller VOB files)??
With which tool do you recommend I create the menus to play both them then? Are they (those tools) supposed to do the hard work with IFO recreation??

Thanks SO much!

09-02-2002, 13:03
Hi -
I hope you don't mind this reply - I can't really answer your question, but I was hoping you could help me. It seems you've got a good grasp on how to rip and burn DVD movies, and my question is related to yours. I'm a newbie at this. I'm trying to fit a movie on a single 4.7 GB DVD-R. I used SmartRipper to rip all the files. I then played back the individual .VOB files w/ PowerDVD to figure out which actually contained the movie. So I removed the extra .VOB files, and still had 6.7 GB of files, which won't fit. Here's where I'm stuck. . . .

You said you ripped your movie twice and it reduced it in size, taking out the extra audio tracks, etc. that you don't need.

How do I do this? How do I identify the audio track I want to keep from the ones I want to take out?

Then, do I need to use .INF editing tools to fix the .INF files? If so, can you recommend one? I've searched for INFEdit.exe, but cannot find it to download.

Do I need to include all the .INF files and .BUP files along with the .VOB files in the video_ts folder when I burn the movie?

Well, I hope you reply, and sorry I couldn't help you.

Thanks, shaggyd