View Full Version : Can ISOBUSTER copy a game?

30-01-2002, 09:36

I got SpyHunter DVD for PS2 PAL. It has some scratches but PS2 reads it fine (although it freezes on main intro movie, you can play and watch the rest of movies on the game fine).

I tried to create an image using Nero but it fails, even at 1x, reporting a "read error when extracting audio".

Then I tried ISOBUSTER so I could hopefully back up the directory structure and all its files except the corrupted one(s) (?), then replace the corrupted movie with any other similar (in size) movie and do the trick to burn the DVD from HD.

Question is: is that possible? how would I keep the same file structure on the HD so it does not mess the DVD project? What would I need to do if I decide to replace one of the movies with another one?