View Full Version : backing up dvd movie's to a dvr

02-01-2002, 17:47
i have a pioneer a03 does anyone know how to back up there dvd movies and can it be done as most dvd movies are 7to8gb and the dvr disc's are only 4.7 gb thx for any help

05-01-2002, 18:55
i don't have a dvd burner (yet) but you can't just make a 1to1 copy
becausse your copy won't have the decrypt key ,so you must decrypt the streams (rip the dvd ) you can do it best with smart ripper with this proggy you can select streams for example if you only want the english audio stream and you only want the dolby stream becausse you don't have a dts reciever. (if you rip a dvd with dts on it )
then just rip the movie withouth foreign audio streams and dts streams it saves a lot of space if your lucky it can fit on your dvdr know if you have the streams then they are allready decrypted an made region free to ! if you put it back on dvdr then it should work.

10-01-2002, 12:57
you can go to www.doom9.org and download
vstrip and read the faq about it so you can take out subtitles and other soundtracks only dts uses a lot of space. i tried itwith the mummy returns and i almost got it working.

29-01-2002, 10:47
try ####://go.to/vcdgalaxy and then build a menu using sonic mydvd