View Full Version : dvd to dvdr

23-12-2001, 13:18
can anyone tell me if i can backup my dvd films to a dvdr as a straight burn or are films protected.
cheers for any help

15-01-2002, 00:43
they got a few guides on how to do it depending on how big it is, also make sure you home unit can playback dvd-rs as not all can but most can play back dvd-rw, check there players compatiblity part as well for a look up on your home dvd player.

18-01-2002, 17:54
no, the main prog u need to do this is,,ifo,edit
these questions are all over the net, for one reason, this is the way to go, visit,,scorpion,uk ,got a good guide ;"it help's.
i once was stuck, but get your head round,,decrypter ,,smartripper" & ifo edit",rempeg;; and it will come to you, after time, and paiteance,"i know i cant spell" but hey! i can back what i say,,,chunk,,uk
"and" wham are shit "