View Full Version : extensions supported 4 VCD in DC

27-05-2001, 09:36
I know that '.avi' files are supported in 'gypplay' the VCD player in the DC, but wot type of compression does it support. Does it support DIVX in AVI file format? Also, wot is the best tool to use with .VOB files to convert them into DIVX or MPEG file format which is very fast and takes under or about 7hrs for a whole movie? Cheers 4 ya help!


29-05-2001, 16:53
i cant help with what properties the divx film has to be when playing on DC, but i use crazyrip from www.divx-digest.com and it does take about 7-8 hours to convert a whole film.

This all depends on your system too, as to how fast the conversion will take :)