View Full Version : problem with a DVD! (no Nebie!!)

04-05-2001, 17:33
i wanted to rip "Chacky-Chan"-"Shang-high-noon" (region-code 2 (germany)) i used "dvd-decrypter 2.4" after ripping the DVD i only got the video-stream. i can't extract any sound!! and even when i open the ripped *.vob files with my DVD-Player (software) there is no sound!
can anyone help me plz!?


05-05-2001, 10:30
go here it will tell you all you want to now about ripping the vod to takeing the sound out to putting it all in one nice little divx avi file.


Ghost rider
09-05-2001, 17:01
The reason there is no sound could be down to a software problem with your playback software i have had this several times just convert a 20 second clip from a vob file and then ##### the mpeg stream this should have sound.
Hope this helps