View Full Version : Splitting MPG's (Virtual Dub) Help Me Please!!!

30-04-2001, 11:15
I got an AVI file and I converted it to MPG file. When I went to burn it it says disk is not big enough. The file is 1.2 gig after converting it to MPG file.
Is there a way to split the file so I can burn it?
I was reading some of the messages and some said to use Virtual Dub,I don't know if I'm Dumb or what, but I can't figure out the program to split the file.

06-05-2001, 05:02
dont use vdub to split mpg

use tmpgenc to spilt mpgs or myflix or medit2

23-05-2001, 22:01
Once you convert the .avi to MPG you lose quality right? Can you just split the AVI directly then burn it? Thanks KROCK924**********COM