View Full Version : Newbie Needs a Good Recommendation On a Dvd-rom to buy.

08-04-2001, 17:08
I am new to the dvd thing. I need help purchasing a dvd-rom. I need something that is fast,accurate,and does not need a decoder card. In addition to playing dvd's I need this dvd-rom to be able to rip audio tracks from cds fast and accurate. Price does not matter too much at this time. My current configuration is Amd Athlon T-bird, 128mb ram, Giga-byte motherboard GZM, with a plextor cd-rw 12x10x32A, a liteon cd-rom(will be replaced by the dvd-rom), A voodoo 3 2000(would have upgraded to voodoo 5 but 3dfx is gone out of business,also recommend me another 3d-card)Running windows 2000 professional. Thanxs alot. send all replies to [email protected]