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01-04-2001, 14:57
Right, I got a DVD onto my hard-drive using Vobdec+ 0.311 which was fine!
I then used FlaskMPEG 0.594 to get my .vob files to .avi which again was fine!
I then used TMPGEnc ver beta 12a( to get my .avi to Video-CD MPEG1, which again seemed fine!
Then I burned the MPG to CD with Nero 4, without problem!
I then tried to play the new videoCD on my DVDPlayer (Wharfedale DVD-750), & when it plays, the sound cuts out for about half a second every 6 or 7 seconds, which puts the audio out of sync with the video!! :(
If I try to play the .dat file on my PC, it plays it fine!!
I know that my DVD player can play VideoCDs as I have a few that play without the audio break-up!! Although I haven't made these myself, they have just been copied for me by friends & not hacked from DVD!

Anyone know what's going on??
I would really appreciate any help on this!!