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02-02-2001, 12:47
When trying to compress a movie such as Sixth Sense which is in 16:9 using FlaskMPEG. The output AVI seems to still be incredibly large for the supposed 100:1 compression. Does anyone know how I can compress the file smaller as I'd like to back up this film and burn to a normal CD


08-02-2001, 09:59
As far as I know the only way of doing what you want is to split the film and put it on 2 CD's!

In the settings of FlaskMPEG you can configure whether to compile the whole movie...
Let it end at a certain point (either defined by seconds or frames) and then when you do the second part set the navigation slider in the Flaskmpeg movie-player to the point where the film shall continue on the second CD!

Use a calculator to find out the point (in seconds) where you want to stop compiling the first part...

Good luck,


25-02-2001, 00:12
Yes if the movies exceeds 80 min it will have to be dubbed onto 2 CD-R's in mpg format. USE TMPGEnce to convert Flaskmpg .AVI's to .MPG

You can how ever, with Flaskmpg & DVtool, create "ANY" DVD into a 700mb .AVI which will fit on a single CD. NOT DVD PLAYER COMPATIBLE. May be Dreamcast compatible according to DCCOPYWORLD.com.

DVTool is a bitrate calculator that with the info of the length of the DVD will calculate a bitrate to be used in Flaskmpg. The longer the movie the shittier the quality of your 700MB .AVI.

Check out my how to for DVD to VCD and links to software and sites for backingup DVD's.