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Old 13-08-2001, 19:29
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I am trying to learn to copy PS2 games. I used CDRWin and made a bunch of copies waiting for my PS2 to be moded. After it was moded none of my backups work. My question are how do I back them up? What program is the best? What kind of CDR media is the best (i.e Sony, HP, Fujitsu, Generic)? What is the process. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. This is my first post so I hope I have done everything right.
Thanks to all..
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Old 14-08-2001, 07:22
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Check out my site it should help

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Old 15-08-2001, 15:44
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I went to the site and I still am having problems. I have tried different settings for my cdrwin software. I have burnt at different speeds, I have used different media. I have tried booting different ways with my Neo USB external mod chip. I have found several ways to boot. Basically they say:
Boot up with GS2
Choose New Game
Choose Without Codes
When it says put in game you switch the mod chip to on and eject your GS2. Put in the backup game and then close the tray. When its it you hit the "X" on the controller and its suppose to load except it doesn't. It goes to loading and I hear the cd spin up for a second and then it sets back down and stays at "Loading"
Another one said the same thing except when you put your backup in and hit the button to close the cd try you have to hold down the "R1" and "O" ### and it will load.
Neither one of these work. I have tried PS1 backups in my PS2 and they work fine. I am at a point where I don't know what to do. I would GREATLY appreciate any help anyone could give me.

Thank You
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Old 16-08-2001, 16:25
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Go to www.ps2ownz.com and download the universal ea patcher and cdmage v1.2.1.0 to use with cdrwin..Here's how to use them...OK say we want to backup SSX, Use cdrwin to make a image file, [ name the file whatever you want] You will now have 2 files a ssx-bin file and a ssx-cue file. Open cdmage and in the options window change the default extraction folder to your ea patcher directory. open the cue file In the image tree box, You should see session 1 / track1[MODE2/2352][SSX]. Double click on track 1, you will now see the image files on the right. Look for the .IMG file it's under a different filename for each game, [in this case it's in the modules folder] Right click on the file IOPRP16.IMG and click extract. Now start ea patcher and go to the extracted file. first leave ea patcher on test and click patch, it should say testmode not patching, pattern found, click ok. uncheck testmode and clich patch. It should say pattern patched. Press ok and go back to cdmage and right click on the file IOPRP16.IMG and click import file, find the patched IOPRP16.IMG file and import it. It should say file imported succesfully. Now in the top left corner press FILE and then SAVE AS . You could name the file SSX 2 [for example] and save it. Dont change anything and click ok. wait for the message, save completed succesfully, and click ok. Close cdmage then open cdrwin, select record disc, load cue sheet and load SSX 2 cue and burn to disc. Its that simple. So far every game i have patched will boot using a neo key no matter if its made by ea sports or not...Let me know how it turns out..Good luck.
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