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Old 07-03-2001, 10:43
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PS2 - SCPH-15000 Modded... What Can I Play

Hi all.

This has been bothering me for a while. I bought my PS2 in malaysia. It is an SCPH-15000 NTSC J PS2. It has been modded with the TI mod (there was only one which worked with it at the time, can't remember how many wires...) but anyway...

I have bought a number of games while there...
With the PS2, I got the usual deal to make booting copied games successful.. the ps2 boot disc... and ofcourse basic instructions as to how to activate the mod chip for ps2 / psx functionality. From what I have established so far, my modded system can play PS1 NTSC games (that have been patched using patch-it to NTSC/J), and I can also play on it NTSC J original PS2 games... and after this it gets blurry...

On www.playstationmods.com, the mod which applies to the 15000 states instructions to play "a PS2 Backup"... this is rather vague.

Does this mean my system can play a patched Pal game? I know for sure however, that it cannot play NTSC US PS2 originals, however, if the NTSC US PS2 game is patched, it can be played.

I'm desperate to find this out because I want to be able to play SSX. I live in australia, and as such, being over here I am surrounded by PAL games. You may be thinking "Why not order the original from the US and then patch it?" ... well the thing is I would do that, however there doesn't seem to be a patch for the NTSC US version of SSX.

I mean, Time Splitters NTSC US has been patched... I have that, I have Unreal Tournament NTSC US patched also, Moto GP, Fifa 2001, the list goes on...

So I guess I am just wondering if anyone has, or knows where to get the SSX NTSC US swap trick patch, so that I can get online and order SSX from the US, coz if PAL isn't gonna work, with the patch, on my SCPH-15000, and the NTSC one will, I'll just have to do that... argh

Any help would be greatly appreciated... and sorry for boring you all...
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Old 07-03-2001, 15:00
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i have a chipped 1000 model living in england as you live in australia your tv should be pal(or multi-sync) i have backed up the pal version of ssx snowboarding to work on this, using the fargo patcher to play on my jap ps2 which is chipped it works perfect no freezing at all it still plays jap ps2 games havnt got any us ps2 games to back-up so dont know if theese would work but no reason to think not...hope this helps
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