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REQUESTS - Conversion Requests to be made here.

This thread is for requesting conversions. No promises that they will be created though but at least you now have a place to ask.



When Requesting NEW Conversion, Please add Game's Size, EXE Name( Location of EXE, if Not Root of Game )
& Any Redists & their path, if included. This will make it much easier to make Conversions without actually having the game installed.
If this information is NOT supplied the request may simply be DELETED.

Thanks to all those who submit their work, some of you may not get the 'Thanks' you deserve but rest assured your work is always appreciated by many.

.... getting really tired of certain users requesting games that are already in game index. Check BEFORE requesting, how hard is that ?
Can't find a Game Conversion? Check the 'Conversion INDEX'

Last edited by pakrat2k2; 16-09-2017 at 07:29. Reason: Conversions Requested + List Updated 12-19-2015
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Old 14-09-2017, 01:20
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Accel World VS. Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition
10.2 GB

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst (requesting HD only and SD+HD conversion)
SD (32bit aka old version): http://fileforums.com/showthread.php?t=95336

SD + HD (current version on steam)
NS3FB_launcher.exe (SD/32bit)
dlc\NSUNS3.exe (HD/64bit)
16,3 GB
_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015\vcredist_x86.exe + vcredist_x64.exe

HD only (only new port thats in dlc folder without old version) (64bit aka new version)
NSUNS3.exe (if you pack only the new port thats in DLC folder on steam)
9,2 GB
_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015\vcredist_x86.exe + vcredist_x64.exe

XCOM2 conversion exists, War of Chosen is just DLC addon > pakrat2k2

Last edited by pakrat2k2; 14-09-2017 at 07:40. Reason: XCOM2 exists, War of Chosen is just DLC
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Requested by The_Killer

SIZE: 9,65 gb
EXE: \Echo.exe
REDISTS: \_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010\DXSETUP.EXE
\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015\vc_redist.x64.exe and vc_redist.x86.exe

Originally Posted by The_Killer View Post

SIZE: 9,65 gb
EXE: \Echo.exe
REDISTS: \_CommonRedist\DirectX\Jun2010\DXSETUP.EXE
\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015\vc_redist.x64.exe and vc_redist.x86.exe
2xDVD5 with MASK

over 50% of the game are video files. No way without reencoding to get a smaller size.

Edit: Oh just realized, video files for different voices (EN/DE/FR). With only 1 language it could be 1xDVD5 but not tested...

Edit 2: MaskI=SRARC/$void=0/$deflate=PZB3SRARC === 3GB (1xDVD5), probably just MaskI=SRARC/$void=0 will do the same, because pzlib doesn't do much.

Last edited by pakrat2k2; Yesterday at 19:38. Reason: info provided needs to be with main
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