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Old 12-04-2001, 19:39
toelessfoot toelessfoot is offline
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I can't download Black and White no cd, server isn't working!!!

It goes so slow and eventually stops, where else can i get it?
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Old 13-04-2001, 07:26
Berti Berti is offline
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I tried it several times too.Then i used getright and i had it in 35 minutes.
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Old 13-04-2001, 07:56
Raks55 Raks55 is offline
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Here is a quote from the GameCopyWorld website.

“As you may have noticed, we are loosing Mirrors almost every day... If this does not change soon then we won't have any servers left for hosting the files. Until now this was not a big problem as there were always sites willing to host everything but with the downfall of the internet market these mirrors have to reconsider their expenses which usually results in having to let us go.
So if you have a stable & fast server, with enough bandwidth, then please Contact Us. Adding advertisement banners is totally no problem!
The above problems are the main cause that only the most recent files are available - so please don't e-mail us asking for older files!’’
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