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Old 29-01-2018, 03:31
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UCC v41.3.2 Hotfix So Far...

Well, it seems there's no better testing than actually using...

I just found another small bug in UCC v4.1.3.2.

Nothing serious, just in ISO creation, when UCC ask if you want to select a folder other than the default one, if you answer NO (n) UCC still ask to select a folder instead of proceeding to use the default location.

Pressing CANCEL though will get it to use the default location so it's a minor bug.

But another one to the list for the hotfix I need to release sometime soon.

Here's the complete list of bug fixes and changes so far for said hotfix:
  1. Bug Fix: Splitter sometimes produced an error when the data archive is very large (at least 25GB) because it didn't have enough time to be written to folder completely when the splitter operation started.
  2. Bug Fix: Fixed bug that effected folder names and autorun.inf labels when LabelSuffix wasn't set in Settings.ini.
  3. Bug Fix: Fixed bug that caused UCC to ask for ISO location selection even though the user selected to use the default location for ISO files.
  4. Bug Fix/Compressor Changes: Removed FAZIP.exe from UCC since it had some sort of clash with the arc.exe and caused the default freearc methods (m2, m3, etc.) not to work, it is also not needed as FreeArc can handle all methods used by FAZIP (i.e. delta, 4x4, exe, exe2, mm, etc.) by itself.
  5. Script Improvement: UCC will now search for known illegal file/folder name characters (?)(*) in the Discs# variable and replace them with the HASHTAG (#) sign to prevent errors.
  6. Script Improvement: UCC will now check if the option Discs# in Settings.ini is left blank and if so will set it to use the HASHTAG sign (#) as placeholder to prevent errors.

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