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While I'm far from being able to convert the UCC script to a better scripting language (that will probably take a very long time) , I am working on transitioning UCC to use a different batch to executable compiler, one that allows me to include complete folders and not just files within the executable.

This should make it much simpler to add new compressor, especially for cases in which the compressor have both 64 & 32 bit versions.

That said, this transition requires a complete re-test of ALL compressors in UCC to make sure it all work correctly before it can become a reality, it's a long process and will take some time (especially considering I'm also working on updating old conversions).

Another by-product of this planned transition to another compiler is that the exe (as is, without new compressors) is a bit smaller in size (not by much).

If it works and all is well you can expect the new executable (if/when it comes) to include new compressors such as lolz, bpk, oggre and more.

I'll post an announcement if/when it finally happens.

Don't expect it within the next month though, that's unlikely (unless I can find help to test the compressors).

STATUS: Testing Compressors (97% Completed With No Errors)
One Compressor Remain that gives me problems, one of the new additions (UELR)

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