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How to mount a file in Alcohol 120%.

1. Start Alcohol 120%
2. On the front page, very much down near to the bar, find Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, basic it's only 1. And it have a gold disc on the cd-rom. That's the virtual driver. If and the red-metal disc is the fysical driver.
3. Right click on the driver let's call it X: and choose mount. Find your image/cue file and choose open.
Now you have mount the file.

Settings that is usefull for emulation in Alcohol 120%.

1. Start Alcohol 120%
2. Find "EMULATION" on the left side panel, and click on that.
3. Check all boxes you find. (it should be 3)
4. Find Extra Emulation and click.
5. Check all boxes you find. (it should be 3 there to.)

I haven bump in to any problems to have all the emulation checked. Don't think there is. Now you can emulate SecuROM discs and SafeDisc protected discs.

But remember you always need a good image to emulate. Bad image can't be emulated.

Emulate means that the game think your fysical disc are in the fysical cd-driver. To save time with out flapping out the fysical cd/dvd-rom all the time you can make a image and emulate it. That's what emulating is for!

This guide have been updated sence: 2004-05-22

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