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littlefaywd 21-07-2009 03:31

swf to mpeg2-ps hd video(.mpeg)?
i definitely set the output format as .mpeg, but after i used the conversion program to do the conversion, the converted mpeg video effect is far away from what i want, the picture isn't that high definition and even has quality loss of the original swf animation. i wonder if i need a special swf to hd video converter ?

Joe Forster/STA 21-07-2009 03:55

What software did you use anyway?

littlefaywd 21-07-2009 18:40

i'll pm you the name of the program.

DABhand 21-07-2009 19:43

Why PM?

Tell us all, so maybe someone with experience with the program could help you.

EdwardLK 21-07-2009 21:20

maybe you only set the output format as .mpg, but you don't set the video profile exactly, you can choose mpeg-2 dvd/svcd/vcd. usually the hd tv video resolution is 1280*720, you can adjust to see the result. the one i'm using is iWisoft swf to mpeg converter, if you still can't work out you can try that.

Joe Forster/STA 22-07-2009 05:16

PM deleted without reading. I don't have the time to deal with your question, I only helped you with reporting your problem (more) properly.

Viatorex 21-03-2010 11:46

try Sothink SWF to Video Converter will do its in HQ

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