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Chosen_One 28-07-2007 05:28

Where can I find this song ?
Anyone know where I can find "The Blue Song" by Mint Royale ? Or if anyone has it, I would be forever in your debt, lol ... I want it that badly :D

Please please please please please please please please !!!

kosmiq 28-07-2007 07:56

You'll find it in some shop, be it online or a real shop but somewhere it will be. Perhaps check what albums it might be on and buy that album..

Jada^AoC 25-08-2007 13:50

here we go...

franciz 25-09-2007 03:44

you can find this mp3 here

dowser 27-11-2007 05:30

I find my favourite songs at
So You can try to find there.

justicejayant x 17-03-2008 02:19

Go to esnips .com there you can find all easily.


tRab 30-01-2009 07:40

Do another serch on the
There are great collection of media files.

JasonKamei 12-05-2013 22:54

Ttan quest patch music
where do i find the midi or wav music used in Titan Quest v1.30 [MULTI] No-DVD Patch by AtotIK
Thank you :)

WaltonSimons 14-05-2013 17:49

I believe you can extract it out of the patch's exe via an util called "Restorator"...

infectedrestless 20-08-2013 07:18

How about this website MP3Pole ? It has plenty of Mint Royale songs

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