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22-03-2003, 14:30
I have made a back-up of AoM and my problem is, is that the file models.bar does not copy during installation with the back-up.
I have added the no-cd exe and the game loads and plays however there are no units or buildings since the models.bar file is not there. is there a reason for this or did I do something wrong.

I have tried to manually copy the file into the aom folder with no luck as well.


22-03-2003, 16:00
Does it give an error message during install ? If so, what message exactly ? It sounds like your backup wasn't made right, so you'll have to try again (I recommend Alcohol120% to copy it).

22-03-2003, 16:41
It must be a bad copy. During install it says cannot copy and gives the options of retry, abort, ignore.

After several retries I chose ignore figuring to manually copy the file.

While trying manually it says: Cannot copy MODELS: invalid MS-dos function

22-03-2003, 19:28
Yep, bad copy. Try out Alcohol120% to copy your game, maybe use a cdrw to test it and avoid making another coaster. Incidentally, does the original cd also give this error ? If so, you can specify a lower read speed in Alcohol120% and this might get through the errors.

22-03-2003, 20:44
The original has no problem. I will try alchohol.

Thank you Rincewindthewiz i appreciate your time

08-08-2003, 11:56
I'm having the same problem with errors in models.bar but this time from the original cd. Reinstalling on new computer - disk may be scratched - hard to tell.

Any ideas for how to get file?


08-08-2003, 12:22
Just do the same as I suggested for thesimbul : download Alcohol120% (www.alcohol-software.com) and use it to make an image on the hard disk. Use the safedisc 2 setting and a read speed of 4x or lower. This will try to read the cd at a low speed, and if you can mount that image and install from it without errors, you can try to burn it back to cd if you have a safedisc 2 compatible burner.

11-08-2003, 10:42
No luck - models.bar doesn't even read at 1x speed! Think there must be disk damage. Is a pain but hey.
Great program though!

Ta for help.